Blood Donation Festival of PT Cipta Karya Technology with GIA Rajawali

The “Blood Donation Festival of PT Cipta Karya Technology with GIA Rajawali” is a significant event dedicated to fostering a sense of community and promoting health and wellness through the act of blood donation. This festival, a collaboration between PT Cipta Karya Technology, GIA Rajawali, and PMI (Indonesian Red Cross), serves as a platform for employees, partners, and local residents to unite for a noble cause—saving lives through blood donation.

The event aims to address the critical need for blood in local hospitals and medical facilities. By encouraging regular blood donations, the festival seeks to ensure a stable and sufficient supply of blood for patients in emergencies, those undergoing surgeries, and individuals with chronic illnesses requiring transfusions. The contributions made by participants can make a profound difference, offering hope and a second chance at life for many in the community.

Throughout the festival, a range of activities is planned to engage and educate attendees. Participants will have the opportunity to undergo free health check-ups, providing them with valuable insights into their overall health and well-being. Educational sessions will be conducted to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation, dispel common myths, and highlight the simple yet powerful act of donating blood. These sessions aim to encourage more people to become regular donors and emphasize the ease and safety of the donation process.

Additionally, the festival will feature various interactive and family-friendly activities to create a festive and inclusive atmosphere. Food stalls, entertainment, and informational booths will be set up to ensure a memorable experience for everyone. Volunteers and medical professionals from PMI will be on hand to assist donors and answer any questions, ensuring a smooth and reassuring experience for first-time donors. PMI will also be responsible for the examination and collection of donated blood, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and safety in the process.

By organizing this event, PT Cipta Karya Technology and GIA Rajawali demonstrate their commitment to corporate social responsibility and their dedication to making a positive impact on society. The festival not only addresses an immediate medical need but also strengthens the bonds within the community, inspiring a culture of generosity and care.

In summary, the “Blood Donation Festival of PT Cipta Karya Technology with GIA Rajawali” is more than just a blood drive; it is a celebration of life, community, and the collective effort to make a difference. Through this event, the organizers hope to inspire ongoing support for blood donation and contribute to the health and well-being of the community for years to come.

PT Cipta Karya Technology (CITRATEL) Awarded Best Managed Service Fiber Optic Vendor 2023 by MyRepublic

PT Cipta Karya Technology (CITRATEL) Awarded Best Managed Service Fiber Optic Vendor 2023 by MyRepublic

In a significant recognition of its excellence in fiber optic services, PT Cipta Karya Technology, known as CITRATEL, has been awarded the prestigious title of Best Managed Service Fiber Optic Vendor 2023 by MyRepublic. This accolade highlights CITRATEL’s commitment to delivering top-tier services and its role as a pivotal player in the fiber optic industry.

Commitment to Excellence

CITRATEL’s dedication to providing high-quality managed services has been instrumental in its selection for this award. Over the past year, the company has demonstrated unparalleled expertise and innovation in fiber optic technology, ensuring reliable and efficient connectivity for MyRepublic’s extensive customer base. This recognition underscores CITRATEL’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its ability to meet and exceed industry standards.

Innovative Solutions and Customer Satisfaction

The award reflects CITRATEL’s focus on innovative solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of its clients. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and maintaining a robust support system, CITRATEL has consistently delivered exceptional service. Customer satisfaction has been at the forefront of CITRATEL’s operational strategy, resulting in high retention rates and positive feedback from MyRepublic’s customers.

Strategic Partnership with MyRepublic

The strategic partnership between CITRATEL and MyRepublic has been a cornerstone of success. Collaborative efforts have led to the development of advanced infrastructure and seamless service delivery, reinforcing the reliability of MyRepublic’s network. CITRATEL’s proactive approach in managing and optimizing fiber optic networks has played a crucial role in enhancing MyRepublic’s service offerings.

Future Prospects

Receiving the Best Managed Service Fiber Optic Vendor 2023 award sets a new benchmark for CITRATEL. The company is poised to continue its trajectory of growth and innovation. Future plans include expanding its service portfolio, investing in emerging technologies, and further strengthening its partnership with MyRepublic to maintain its leadership position in the industry.


The Best Managed Service Fiber Optic Vendor 2023 award from MyRepublic is a testament to CITRATEL’s excellence and leadership in the fiber optic sector. As the company continues to push the boundaries of innovation and customer service, it is well-positioned to shape the future of connectivity solutions. This recognition not only celebrates CITRATEL’s past achievements but also heralds a promising future of sustained excellence and growth in the fiber optic industry.

Citratel Peduli Korban Gempa Cianjur

On 21 November 2022, at 13:21 WIB, a Mww 5.6 earthquake struck near Cianjur in West Java, Indonesia. At least 328 people died, 7,729 were injured and 12 remain missing. More than 62,628 homes were damaged across 16 districts in Cianjur Regency and the surrounding region. The earthquake was strongly felt in Jakarta.

Seeing this tragedy, We, PT. Cipta Karya Technology was moved to ease the burden on our brothers and sisters in Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia who were affected by the earthquake.

We hope that what we provide will be useful for the victims of the earthquake in Cianjur.